No Nuts No Glory

Starbar is a chocolate bar filled with crunchy caramel and peanuts that operates under the simple motto ”No nuts, no glory”. When re-launching in Sweden, it was discovered that Swedes had almost no nuts. Therefore, Man with nuts was called in to set things right.

Through an interactive video on Starbar’s Facebook-page consumers could grab a Starbar directly out of Man with nut’s hand. He or she was then encouraged to pass it along to someone they knew needed nuts. The lucky friend then received a SMS with a coupon to collect a free Starbar in the nearest store.

People were also encouraged to show proof of nuts on Instagram and Twitter. By tagging their contribution #nonutsnoglory, they had the chance to win a really big Starbar (3,5 kg) as a reward.

Online Commercial

Forsman & Bodenfors - Marabou No Nuts No Glory #1

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Forsman & Bodenfors - Marabou No Nuts No Glory #2