Level .06

Case Study

Forsman & Bodenfors - Systembolaget Level .06 #1


  1. Reduce heavy drinking. (To reduce the alcohol-related problems that cost Swedes more than ten billion dollars, and a lot of suffering, every year.)

  2. Solidify support for the Swedish Alcohol Retail Monopoly.

Solution: Studies show that half of all heavy drinkers want to drink less. But changing one's behaviour is hard. Almost impossible if you don't have a clear goal. Not drinking at all is a clear goal, but that's too big a step for most people. So we introduced a more realistic goal: Keeping your blood alcohol content below 0.06 percent. (The point where the positive effects of alcohol are at their peak.) And an app that helps you do it.

Result: The app was covered by all leading Swedish media and became a conversation piece at bars, restaurants and private parties all over Sweden. It quickly became the most popular free app at both App Store and Google Play. In a few months it’s been downloaded by more than 600,000 people, almost a quarter of all smartphone owners in Sweden. And it continues to spread, since four out of ten users tell their friend’s about it. Most importantly: 24 % of the app’s users have reduced their alcohol consumption. This kind of change in behaviour has previously only been achievable with individual counseling. (Which is costly, and very few people voluntarily seek this kind of counseling.) After the launch popular support for the Swedish Alcohol Retail Monopoly rose to 73 %, the highest level ever. People seemed to appreciate a government sponsored campaign that offered help for those who want to change their behavior, rather than just telling everybody how to behave.