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Launch Site on eBay

September 19th the world’s first site on eBay is launched. The purpose is to spread the story about the new Volvo FH and via eBay, that has more than 100 million users globally, reach as many people as possible. The result is an extensive site where the world can experience the top ten news about the truck, including the Ballerina Stunt and other spectacular films. But still everything within the standard platform of eBay.

And since the site is on eBay there will of course be an auction. People all over Europe will be able to place a bid at the very first serial manufactured new Volvo FH. The starting bid is one Euro and all money from the auction will go to charity.

The site and the auction will continue for ten days.

Case Study

Forsman & Bodenfors - Volvo Trucks Launch Site on eBay #1

Screen Shot

Forsman & Bodenfors - Volvo Trucks Launch Site on eBay #2